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Pet Wellness Exams

At Day Creek Animal Hospital, we have found that there are numerous reasons why pet owners seek pet exams – from minor behavior issues to major medical emergencies. While we are happy to assist with all types of exams, including puppy exams, kitten exams, and routine pet check-ups, we like to encourage all of our clients to schedule a periodic pet wellness exam when they have the time. Through a wellness exam, we can verify that your pet is healthy and spot any potential problems early on.

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Pet Wellness Exams From Your Veterinarian

A wellness exam is designed to determine the overall health of your pet and should be conducted at least once a year. The exam will often include several different tests, including a urine test, blood test, and parasite screening. As your animal hospital n in Rancho Cucamonga, we are firm believers in the value of an annual wellness exam to keep track of the health of your pet on a regular basis – which allows us to detect diseases sooner rather than later, when it is often easier to fix or prevent health issues.

Customized Pet Exams

The pet exams we offer at Day Creek Animal Hospital are customized to the needs of your pet. Your veterinarian will conduct a thorough exam based on a number of factors, including your pet’s age and current health condition. You may need to complete a list detailing your pet’s medical history, and you will need to explain any current health issues your pet has been experiencing. Your veterinarian will do a complete physical exam, including examining your pet’s heart rate, breathing, skin, eyes, coat, joints, nails, ears, etc. He or she will recommend different diagnostic tests as needed, including a blood test, urinalysis and stool test for parasites.

As your pet ages and or develops health issues, your vet may alter the wellness exam as needed, including increasing the frequency of the exams. A wellness exam every six months is common for older pets.

An Investment In Your Pet’s Health

Pet owners are often surprised at just how expensive treatment for certain diseases can be. Once a disease comes on full-force, treatment becomes more intensive and more costly - if treatment an option. The longer a disease goes undetected, the harder it usually is to treat.

A pet wellness exam is important because it helps you protect your pet’s health and lets you treat any diseases early on when treatment is usually much less expensive and more effective.

Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam In Rancho Cucamonga Today!

Every reputable veterinarian, and across the nation, will attest to the value of pet wellness exams in detecting and preventing diseases in pets. Day Creek Animal Hospital is your resource for pet exams in Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas.

If you have not already, contact our office today at (909)-683-4624 to schedule your pet’s wellness exam. Remember, we are here for all your pet’s health care needs, including puppy exams, kitten exams and all types of pet check-ups!

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