Veterinary Dermatology in Rancho Cucamonga

While it is important for any pet to have a good veterinarian in Rancho Cucamonga, special care needs to be taken when it comes to pets who have specific health concerns, such as skin allergies and related problems. At Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga, we offer dermatology services and are able to treat skin problems in dogs and other pets.

this pet is scratching because it has a skin problem that can be treated with veterinary dermatology in rancho cucamonga

There’s Dermatology for Pets Too?

If your pet suffers from allergies, or has a history of rashes or external parasites it is especially important that you take pet dermatology in Rancho Cucamonga seriously, and that you find a vet that is focused on pet skin care. At Day Creek Animal Hospital, our vet in Rancho Cucamonga is skilled in veterinary dermatology issues and is able to properly diagnose a number of pet skin disorders based on skin lesions, sores, and skin textures and patterns to either find the appropriate way to treat skin problems in dogs or other animals or to use more extensive tools to discover more serious problems such as a malignancy. To do this, our veterinarian in Rancho Cucamonga CA can perform a number of procedures including skin scraping, skin biopsy, skin testing, skin cytology, and skin and ear cultures. In addition to the main skin areas, veterinary dermatology also pays close attention to a pet's nails, ears, as well as their hair or fur.

Does Your Pet Need Veterinary Skin Care?

For some pets, trips to the vet in Rancho Cucamonga stay pretty typical, and they only need generalized care to stay healthy, but there are signs that could indicate that your pet needs specialized veterinary dermatology care.  These include

  • Constantly licks, chews, bites, scratches, or shakes his head
  • Hair loss, scabs or dandruff
  • Change in skin coat, color or texture
  • Bad odor in skin or ears

If you notice any of these signs in your pet, it is important to contact Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga. Through close examination, we can diagnose and treat many common skin problems in dogs and cats including 

  • Alopecia X - signified by hair loss,
  • Allergic Skin Disease,
  • Atopic Dermatitis (environmental allergy),
  • Pemphigus Foliceus - signified by scabbing,
  • Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE)- which affect skin pigmentation, especially around the muzzle area

We can also watch out for general infections, and help keep your pet from being invaded by parasites.

Call Day Creek Animal Hospital to Learn More about Pet Dermatology

Whether your pet is prone to skin issues or not, Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is committed to your pet's whole health including well pet visits, vaccinations, behavioral counseling, grooming, and more. Contact us at (909)-646-7387 to schedule an appointment.

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