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Pet X-Rays

Broken bones, pneumonia, swallowed objects, tooth decay, and more may require your pet to get an x-ray for diagnosis. Typically, a vet will perform this diagnostic service in an emergency to determine the correct course of action. However, your pet may need x-rays during a regular checkup. Even if the vet thinks your pet has a seemingly benign condition he may want to x-ray your pet to rule out more serious conditions. Thankfully, you won't have to go far because if our Rancho Cucamonga veterinarian recommends x-rays, you can get them here at Day Creek Animal Hospital.

dog gets x-ray and goes into surgery

What Are X-Rays?

X-rays, sometimes called radiographs, use radiation to see through your pet's skin to their bones. The x-rays your pet receives are the same as those you get when you go to the doctor or dentist. Don't worry about the radiation exposure to your pet. It's so small that vets frequently use x-rays to check on cancer treatment progress.

X-Rays as One of Many Imaging Tools

X-rays are only one of the many imaging options your vet has to see inside your pet to make a diagnosis without surgery. Ultrasounds, MRIs, and CT scans are other options designed to look at other parts of the body. Your vet will choose the imaging device best suited for what she suspects is wrong with your pet. You may need to schedule additional imaging tests in the future for your pet. Schedule these future sessions at the same animal hospital to ensure the vet has all the images available to compare them for a proper diagnosis.

Will My Pet Need Sedation?

Some vets sedate animals during imaging tests to keep pets calm and still. For many tests, including x-rays, any movement could disrupt the process and ruin the image. Discuss with your vet if your pet will need sedation or not before the x-rays. You can also ask questions and address concerns you have about sedation with the vet before the x-rays.

Visit Your Rancho Cucamonga Veterinarian for X-Rays

If your pets need x-rays, bring them to Day Creek Animal Hospital. We not only have the equipment to conduct the x-ray, but also the staff to help correct whatever problem is found as soon as possible. We're open seven days a week for your convenience. Feel free to call us at (909) 646-7387 before bringing in your pet. If you don't have an emergency, request an appointment online. Our caring staff is here to help your pet get better by providing it with the latest in diagnostic equipment and services. Come see us soon.

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