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Pet Eye Infections

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Eye Infections


Does your dog or cat have an eye infection? Take him into Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga for treatment. Pet eye infections are very common ailments. Some infections, left untreated, are serious and can even cause permanent eye damage. Here’s what you need to know:

How Do I Know if My Dog's Eye Is Infected?

Redness is one of the most obvious symptoms of a pet eye infection. However, redness can also be caused by other issues such as allergies. In the case of an infection, there may be other symptoms present such as redness, wet discharge, crusty discharge, mucus, and pus.

What Causes Pet Eye Infections?

Pet eye infections can be caused in a number of different ways. Chronic allergies can irritate your pet’s eyes. Your pet may rub his face to relieve that irritation. Unfortunately, that can introduce bacteria into the eye, leading to infection. Minor injuries such as dust or debris getting in the eyes may also lead to an infection.

Another common cause is untreated viruses or another disease. For instance, the feline herpes virus can trigger feline eye infections. If this underlying issue isn’t treated, your dog or cat’s condition could worsen and other health problems may crop up.

What Can Be Done about Pet Eye Infections?

As soon as you notice the symptoms of a possible eye infection, call your veterinarian. The sooner your pet gets examined at a veterinary clinic, the sooner they’ll be on the road to recovery.

While waiting for your appointment, try to keep your pet from pawing at his eye. Also try to keep his fur as clean as possible, to reduce the chance of more bacteria getting into the eye.

Fill in any prescription promptly, and administer the medication as your vet tells you to. A veterinarian may prescribe special washes for the eye, a course of antibiotics, and other medications to treat underlying conditions.

Excellent Veterinary Care in Rancho Cucamonga

At Day Creek Animal Hospital, our veterinarian and staff offer a wide variety of preventative services and treatments. These include wellness exams, immunizations and booster shots, diagnostic exams, dental care, and grooming services. If your pet has the symptoms of an eye infection, taking him to see us for a comprehensive exam is the first step to recovery. Give us a call at (909) 646-7387 or make an online appointment.

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