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Bone & Joint Surgery

Bone and Joint Surgery at Day Creek Animal Hospital

A fractured bone or damaged joint can cause the same kind of agony in a pet as it would in a human. When your beloved pet is hurting every time they try to move, you'd gladly search high and low for the answers to their distress. Bone and joint surgery, also known as orthopedic surgery, can help your pet overcome these health challenges and regain mobility. We're happy to provide these services a Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga.

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Bone and Joint Damage in Pets

Your pet's musculoskeletal system is a complex structure -- and despite its strengths, it can fall prey to many kinds of damage and dysfunction. The most acute and obvious example is a bone fracture sustained in an accident. Simple fractures can heal themselves with the aid of immobilization, but other fractures may involve bones fragments that have been shifted out of position. Another common injury is a ruptured ligament in a knee joint. For example, when the CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) is torn, the stability it lent to the joint vanishes, causing pain and lameness.

Degenerative conditions can also afflict the bones and joints. Age or overuse may cause the cartilage in a joint to deteriorate, leading to the stiffness and pain of osteoarthritis. Instability in the kneecap (patellar subluxation) is another painful and common joint problem. Certain breeds of dogs are especially prone to a congenital form of hip joint degeneration called hip dysplasia. Any of these conditions can make it all but impossible for your pet to get around comfortably.

Joint and Bone Surgery to Restore Function and Comfort

You can rely on Day Creek Animal Hospital to provide joint and bone surgery when your favorite animal needs it. Our Rancho Cucamonga veterinarian will use X-rays and other diagnostics to get the clearest possible idea about the nature and extent of the problem. We can then provide your pet with:

    • Surgical repair of complicated fractures using metal plates, screws or pins
    • Procedures such as TTA or TPLO surgery to reconstruct a damaged knee joint (allowing it to function without an intact CCL)
    • Surgery to stabilize an unstable kneecap
    • Fusion surgery and other techniques to ease severe arthritis pain
    • Hip replacement or other forms of hip surgery to relieve hip dysplasia pain and optimize hip joint function

Does Your Pet Need Help? Call Our Rancho Cucamonga Veterinarian

Your pet has a friend here at Day Creek Animal Hospital. If you think you might need to schedule bone or joint surgery for your faithful companion, call (909) 646-7387 today for an evaluation and consultation!

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